Giovanni Frangi

Giovanni Frangi was born in 1959 in Milan, where he lives and works. After a series of collective exhibitions, in 1983 he had his first solo exhibition at La Bussola Gallery in Turin. Soon he began to attract the attention of critics, poets and writers, who wrote essays and poems for his catalogues between 1986 and 1997. The following years, Giuseppe Frangi’s work was exhibited abroad for the first time, with solo and group shows in Bern, Barcelona, New Orleans, Lausanne, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. The artist work explores the power of colour in landscapes influenced by the passing of the seasons and the light. Giovanni Frangi’s early work was strongly connected to the Northern expressionist culture, together with the luminism post-­impressionist research. Reality is what really interests the Artist and what he tirelessly wants to investigate. Giovanni Frangi’s research goes beyond the false problem of figuration, trusting his own inner vision which allows him to discover a different reality and to represent it without using realism as the main reference. He reaches full mastery of his images once these have been destroyed, crushed and turned into lyrical visions of the everyday life. In May 2015, M77 Gallery in Milan hosted Giovanni Frangi solo show La Legge Delle Giungla (The Law Of The Jungle), the first show after few years of absence of the Artist from his native city. The exhibition featured 24 large-­scale artworks where the Artist creates an arcadian, even primitive atmosphere, dominated by nature and motifs of tropical inspiration. His artworks are screens where a forgotten reality is projected, easily in conflict with our everyday world.

Recent solo shows:
Uso Di Mare, CAMec, La Spezia, IT
Settembre (September), Central Institute for Graphics, Poli Palace, Rome, IT
La Legge della Giungla (The Law Of The Jungle), M77 Gallery, Milan, IT
Lotteria Farnese, National Archeologic Museum, Naples, IT
Santa Gianna Beretta Molla Church, site specific installation, Trezzano sul Naviglio, IT
Alles ist Blatt, Botanical Garden, Padova IT
Mollate le vele. Uno stendardo per Jonas, MAXXI Museum, Rome IT
Paradisi artificiali, Galerie Raphael 12, Frankfurt, DE
River. Esperimento domestico, Ferrarin Arte, Legnano, IT
Sheherazade, National Museum of San Matteo, Pisa, IT
Pasadena, Galleria Antologica, Monza, IT
Pasadena, Galerie Raphael 12, Frankfurt, DE
Pasadena, Antonella Cattani Contemporary Art, Bolzano, IT
Pasadena, Gamud, Udine, IT
Il rosso e il nero (Red and Black), Galerie du Nord, European Parliament, Strasburg, BE
Mappe (Maps), Villa Morosini, Polesella, IT
Albatros, Galleria Civica Arte Contemporanea Montevergini, Syracuse, IT
Straziante, meravigliosa bellezza del creato, Villa Manin, Passariano di Codroipo, Udine, IT
La règle du jeu. Atto secondo. Dieci giardini, Diocesano Museum, Milan, IT
Recent group shows:
Italy 1980. Tendencies of contemporary Arts, National Museum of Fine Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam, VN
Figuralmente, Mestna Galerija, Ljubljan, SLO
Aspetti dell’incisione contemporanea europea, Galleria Regionale, Gradisca di Isonzo, IT
Senza Famiglia, La Società Promotrice delle belle Arti, Turin, IT
Il Paesaggio italiano contemporaneo, Ducale Palace, Gubbio, IT
Senza Trucco, Box Art, Verona
Senza Dubbio, Trissino, Vicenza
Arte contemporanea in Lombardia. Generazione anni ’50, Museum of Modern Art, Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, IT
3rd Triennal of Contemporary Sacred Art. Exempla 1949-­1978, Archbishopric Seminary, Lecce, IT
Scandaglio. Review of Morlotti Prize winners, Imbersago, Lecco, IT
Arte per immagini. From De Chirico to Lopez García, C. Barbella Museum, Chieti, IT
54th G.B. Salvi Iternational Review of Art, Sassoferrato, IT
Lo sguardo italiano. Twenty-two artists for Bufalino, Fondazione Gesualdo Bufalino, Comiso, IT

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