Santi Moix

Santi Moix was born in Barcelona in 1960. At fourteen years old he studied in Paris, followed by a period in Italy where he met and socialised with Federico Fellini. He held his first solo show in 1981 in a small space in Sant Cugat in Catalonia, and in 1986 he bought his first flight ticket to New York with the money made from the selling of one of his paintings. The artist made his first foray into the world of professional art with various exhibitions in Japan in the 80s. Then it was the moment of Africa where he approached pottery and sculpture, activities that he considers complementary to his painting practice. After the African experience, the artist moved to New York permanently, although he frequently returns to Barcelona as he likes taking his European cultural roots of great importance. Influenced by masters like Delacroix, Velazquez, El Greco, Picasso, Mirò, Pollock and the artist Mutzuo Takahashi, a mysterious Japanese painter who befriended him while living in Asia, Santi Moix also considers the world of literatures a veritable important source of inspiration for his painting practice. One of his most recent solo show on Catalan soil was, for example, built around the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, with an installation of sketches and a large wall drawing inspired by Mark Twain’s novel. Moix achieved international recognition in 2013 when Prada commissioned a large mural for the Soho store in New York, designed by Rem Koohlas, a work that brought together various techniques and languages and which represents his aesthetic approach to large scale work.
Recent solo shows:
Santi Moix: A Flowing Fable, Matthew Liu Fine Arts, Shanghai, RC
A Moment, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, USA
Brooklyn Studio, M77 Gallery, Milan, IT
Prada Epicenter Mural, Soho, NY, USA
Santi Moix on Huckleberry Finn: Watercolors and Wall Drawings, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, USA
Las Aventuras de Huckleberry Finn, Centro Cultural Fundaciòn Cìrculo De Lectores, Barcelona, ES
May The Earth Rest Lightly On You, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, USA
Garden, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, USA
Santi Moix on Don Quixote, Pace Prints, NY, USA
From Clay to Sculpture, Museu De Ceràmica, Barcelona, ES
Santi Moix, Sala Pelaires, ES
Recent group shows:
Lucien Terras, NY, USA
The Golden Ass, Blindarte Contemporanea, Naples, IT
Naked!, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, USA
Cross Section, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, USA
True Paint, Jay Grimm, NY, USA
Painting Abstraction II, New York Studio School, NY, USA
Summer 2001, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, USA
Paintings, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, USA
Psycho, Anne Faggionato, London, UK
Drawings and Photographs, Matthew Marks Gallery, NY, USA
The Great Drawing Show 1550 to 1999, Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Summer Show, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, USA
Abstract Painting 1999, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, USA

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